Shifting our office is very exhausting. Dismantling the workspace, packing huge furniture, taking care of all fragile things and making sure all the files are all intact. Megastar has done very good job for us. All the dismantling, packing and moving they have done for us flawlessly. Thank you Megastar and the team for the job well done.


Advance House

Moving out and changing your place in one of the busiest cities - Dubai! You need to pack all you stuff on or before due date. Megastar made it easy for me, all are well packed and handled with care. Organized according to where it was taken and where it belongs. They also help us assemble our furniture and unpack our stuff.


Home Owner

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Megastar Movers

MEGASTAR MOVERS L.L.C. was established on 16th of March, 2011.We were newly established though acquired the markets of UAE with in short span of time and we are now one of the leading and renowned packers and movers in Dubai.