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Fabricating Wooden Boxes & Crating

We have fabrication team with our own trading company exclusively to meet the purpose that fabricates boxes and crating for moving or relocation services in Dubai and this make us professional movers in Dubai. Our technically skilled designers and carpenters fabricate perfect and reliable box fitting as per product, are based to their appropriate calculation. The choice of material selection is done for manifestation or packing services, which may provide maximum safety to your belongings, so the goods may remain same as the time of packing without any inner and outer effect at its best. This makes us one of the best moving companies in Dubai, UAE. We fabricate heavy duty wooden boxes for the need of high strength and difficult loads, keeping rigidity on stacking for storage purpose and also large size crate or box for cargo purpose. We make cargo boxes, pallet, crating for machine, fragile ware and goods etc.

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