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Moving from Dubai to Belgium


Megastar is an experienced freight company with expertise in transporting cargo from Dubai to other parts of the world. Sending a package to Belgium is very easy. Our experts will serve on your behalf and provide a suggested price depending on the item being shipped. If you need to pack your shipment, Megastar can help. We do all the work and paperwork and export the cargo to Belgium. Upon arrival at the port, our agent will clear customs and deliver to your Belgium address.

Our personal services include domestic transfers to international transfers to most parts of the world. We believe that by providing uncompromising service, we can position ourselves as a world-class relocation partner.

Less volume

For small quantities like 2 CBM or up to 12 CBM, we provide LCL service to share containers to reduce costs from Dubai port to destination port.

20 feet container

However, if your cargo is more than 12 CBM and less than 28 CBM, we suggest you choose 20 feet container.

HC container 40 feet by 40 feet

However, if your goods are more than 30 CBM, you can design a 40-foot container that can carry up to 55 CBM. We also have high cube equipment that can handle up to 65CBM.


Dubai Customs needs a copy of your passport including the UAE visa page, destination address and packing list to complete the export declaration.

Shipping time

Transit times vary by location, but we have the best airline network with the shortest transit times to most destinations. Please contact our team for shipping times.

Survey before moving

The pre-transfer survey is completely free and there is no obligation. This will definitely help you plan your budget and rethink what items to move and what items to keep.

Once the survey is over, our team will provide an international moving quote based on volume and your location

Packaging and packaging

Once you confirm the move on packing day, our packing team will come in the morning and pack all your belongings one by one and prepare a packing list.

postage and packing

We will schedule the earliest shipping date and load your shipment from Dubai port, all relevant documentation will be done by our team.

Billing and delivery

The estimated time of arrival will be declared and our representative will organize pre-clearance and prepare the import

Customs regulations for Belgium:


Passport copy)

Non-value packing slip signed by the customer (original)

Copy of town hall registration (from the Belgian municipality of residence)

Worksheet (copy)

And/or any other documents proving that the customer has not lived in Belgium for 12 months prior to arrival


All goods must be listed separately in the inventory

Inventory must contain the value of the goods

Inherited goods

Notarized certificate or certified copy of declaration of inheritance


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