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Moving from Dubai to Saudi Arabia


Mega Star Movers was established several years ago to provide local and international moving services for individuals and businesses in the UAE and all over the world. You can move your office, residence or office anywhere in the world with great ease.

Moving from one country to another is not easy and moving from one country to another is painful.

The difference is that moving from one place to another requires several procedures.

Mega Star Movers is a Dubai to Bahrain Relocation company based in Dubai. Moving cost is more than moving house. That's why it's important to hire someone reliable and experienced so that moving doesn't become a problem.

About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country rich in history, culture and natural beauty.

It offers visitors a variety of experiences, from exploring ancient sites to relaxing on pristine beaches.

Role of Transfer Companies in International Transfers

Moving from one country to another is an exciting and exciting life event. It can be used for travel, shopping, work or finding better deals. It's like a wonderful dream. Regarding

Bahrain, this is a life changing perspective.

Great rewards, great opportunities for success, innovation and development await you. Where is life waiting for its colors to smile at you? The sky is brighter and stronger during the day, and at night it uses colorful colors like a rainbow.

Sending your goods to Bahrain is easy; you just have to decide what you want to do. The two main options are air and sea.

Transport/Freight Services

  • Air transport is an option for people in a hurry. Air freight delivers your goods from anywhere in the world to Bahrain in two to three days. However, it is still very expensive, so you may want to pay appropriately for fast service. Unless you need to move abroad at the last minute, it's best not to ship by air.
  • On the other hand, ocean freight is a lower cost, usually less than five times that of air freight.

This is very convenient for users. Shipping is slower than air freight and usually takes several weeks, so be sure to plan your move ahead. In terms of cost effectiveness, sea freight is better. International services of

Company for Saudi Arabia

Dubai Movers is an international moving company that offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of its customers. Customers around the world rely on our experts to manage their global needs every day.

Air Cargo

Dubai freight forwarders provide door-to-door air cargo worldwide. As the pioneer of the air cargo industry, we offer our customers new air cargo solutions. Our international air freight services include a full set of advanced and quality services offered worldwide. Our experience in export and customs procedures, combined with our network of offices and selected air carriers, provides the best visibility and connections, saving our customers time and money.

Ocean Cargo

We have connections with many ocean carriers around the world, including major trade routes to and from the Middle East, Asia, America, Europe and Africa, giving us the best prices for international shipping.

Goods can be shipped in containers such as FCL cargo (full container load) or LCL cargo (less container load) for safe delivery. Our joint venture services offer financing options for smaller properties.

Ground Freight

Dubai Movers sets the standard for direct shipping in the Middle East. Our company has a private fleet of cars in Dubai, one of the largest, has modern equipment and is able to provide mechanical services in-house. We offer a full range of transport solutions for special cargoes, from flatbed trucks to heavy-duty trucks.

We can handle any type of cargo, from the smallest, most fragile or dangerous to large machinery and cargo.

International Shipping Document Checklist

Please review the following checklist before shipping internationally. The Mega Star Movers International Shipping Checklist will help you ship your products internationally

Check customs

Not knowing how to clear customs can cause delays in your shipment and processing for your payment. It is important to know what taxes must be paid and to have a full and complete tax return.


To prepare an export declaration at Dubai Customs,

  • requires the exporter to submit a copy of
  • UAE visa page and
  • address along with a passport.

Transit Times

Transit times vary by location and our team will advise accordingly.

Packing and Packing

On the day of approval, our team will start packing at your place.

Transport and handling

For further transport, we will arrange the closest time for your cargo to be loaded into the container. Our team will process all customs related documents in Dubai.

Clearance and Shipping

We will issue an ETA and our representative will pre-clear and prepare for importation.


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