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Cargo shipping from Dubai to Qatar


Packing and moving are not easy. It is a traumatic task. Obviously, it is difficult to shift the items from one country to another country. To make your relocating process easy and smooth, Mega Star Movers’ a professional moving company in UAE is one solution.

The company has gained a reputable position in the region. The clients appreciate the company’s working pattern. It is a matter of pride for any company that has received a good position and appreciation for their work.

Mega Star Mover also deals in

  • the relocation of villas,
  • banks,
  • warehouses,
  • Industry, etc.

Role of Mega Star Mover

The exclusive service and availability make them unique from others. The company work according to the demand going on in the market and the experience with the previous case study. Opportunities and experiences come and go in everyone’s life.

Relocating outside the country is an amazing fact and a glorious moment in life. When moving to Qatar is like happiness that knew no bounds. It is an awesome turning point in life who had got an opportunity or have planned to relocate to Qatar for desired purposes.

Shipping your belongings to Qatar becomes very easy when you hire a professional moving firm. The two options for shipment are available before the client.

  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight

Freight Services

Air Freight takes less time in shipping the item from one place to another. It is an expensive mode of freight. If you are relocating from one country to another and your budget is limited. It’s better to avoid choosing the air freight option. If you have sufficient time to reach the destination then it will be better not to choose this option.

Sea Freight is affordable and less expensive compared to air freight. The sea freight takes several days to complete shipment. Choosing the sea freight option will save you money. Be prominent in choosing the freight option. When the matter of time limit arises air freight is the better option else sea freight is the better option.

Our international shipping services to Qatar

Mega Star Movers is an international industry giving multiple services to make the client relaxed as per their day-to-day need for relocating. The company has become the trusted partner of the client’s requirements in the relocation process. Achieving the trust of the customer has enabled them to gain substantial power and the increasing success in the industry.

Checklist for international shipping

The list helps you send the items worldwide. Here is the list that going to help you in moving your item internationally.

Custom Regulation

Custom is a very important procedure. Any step left or unknowingly you skip some step in completing the custom. The shipment process will get delayed or can get cancelled.


The document required for export declaration at Dubai’s custom

  • Exporter’s passport
  • UAE Visa Page copies
  • Destination address

Transit time

The delivery time varies from place to place. The company’s professional team will inform you accordingly.

Packing and wrapping

The date that has been made final for shipment. On that day the team will be going to present at your door for packing and wrapping your valuable items.

Shipping and Handling

The team will select the desired date for shipment to move further after getting all the paper works clear at Dubai customs.

Clearing and delivery

After getting cleared at the Dubai custom, the destination agent of the company will prepare the import of the items.


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