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Moving to the UK from the Dubai


United Kingdom

The UK is a popular destination for UAE nationals and many international schools across the country who wish to relocate or visit for a variety of reasons, such as work and study.

If you plan to move from the UAE to the UK and stay longer than six months, you will need a UK visa. It is important to carefully consider your options to decide which type of visa you need. There are many types of UK visas available to UAE nationals and deciding which is best for you will depend on your circumstances and why you want to move.

About Mega Star Movers

Shifting from one country to another is such an exciting and joyful event in life. It is both for travelling, shopping, commercial enterprise or searching out higher opportunities. It looks as if massive dreams coming authentic. Massive possibilities with massive rewards, fulfilment, innovation and betterment are awaiting you. Where is life looking forward to you colourings are smiling on you.

Mega Star Movers is taking the obligation of your worldwide cargo so you can experience exciting and comfortable moments of life. They tackle all of your worries that interrupt your excellent enterprise deal or global journey. Due to the fact, Mega Star Movers is offering fee economic and hustle free transferring from Dubai to the Vatican metropolis

Why choose Mega Star Movers?

International Transport Services

Mega Star Mover is an international transport company based in Dubai. Moving from one place to another within the same country or worldwide is a daunting task. The planning and cost of an international move are much higher than a domestic move. So, make sure you choose a reputable and experienced moving company so that the moving process doesn't turn into a nightmare.

Factors to keep in mind when choosing an international moving company.

  • While it's common to use Internet research to learn about your needs, this is one of those situations where you should stay away from the Internet.
  • International transport companies on the Internet create a large number of people. Instead, get contact information from the local phone book or ask your real estate agent.
  • When travelling abroad, it is very important to pay attention to your packaging. All items should be carefully packed in waterproof containers (vans) or transported directly to the ship in 20ft or 40ft containers.
  • Make sure you don't pack yourself because of the increase in crime against self-packaging.
  • Our experience in packaging for international shipping here will greatly benefit our customers. Also, our links with shipping companies help customers deliver their products at very competitive prices.
  • All items without boxes will be wrapped in thick, fluted brown paper and put in a box. Our staff will complete packaging at your location under your supervision to ensure your shipment is not damaged.

International Transport Dubai

Another important issue that you should pay attention to is the scale of the transported goods and the insurance to be paid. There are many plans available and you should choose the one that suits your specific needs.

Our team can help customers get the right insurance to cover any loss or damage to their belongings on the way. We have a long-term cooperation with insurance companies, we can help customers choose the right insurance policy at a competitive price.

Several documents are required when shipping internationally.

  • Documents such as passport,
  • identity card,
  • driver's license
  • and other documents must be at the entrance gate.

 Their experienced and well-trained staff will provide the necessary document checks to ensure your shipment is cleared from customs when it arrives at the port. Our company makes an appointment and is happy to come to your door and calculate the cost of moving to your place. Our company has the necessary resources, such as jobs and vehicles, to seamlessly complete your worldwide stay.

International Shipping Information

Air Cargo:

They offer the world's best air cargo services. This fee includes a full home visit. They usually charge at least 30kg for their valued customers.

Sea Freight:

They work with the largest international carriers and can offer competitive prices and reliable voyage times to and from major ports.

The customs office will help you get your sea freight to the destination without any problems. Their minimum trade volume is 1 CBM (cubic metre). You can count on Paradise Container Clearing LLC for LCL, FCL and LCL containers.

Low Volume

For small volumes, they always have a consolidated volume and the option to send multiple shipments and LCL to reduce costs from Dubai port to the terminal.

20', 40', 40' Container High Cube Load

Exporters in full containers We provide FCL (Full Container Load) reservations to load goods when they have goods that can be packed. In FCL, all contents of the container are owned by only one shipper.

Transit Time

The transit time varies from vicinity to place and our crew will advocate accordingly.

Pre-move survey

A pre-circulated survey may be prepared free from fee without responsibility. This may in reality help you to plan your budget or re-reflect on consideration of what items are to be moved and what to be saved behind. Once the survey is over our group will supply a global transferring quote based on the volume and your region.


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