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Moving from Dubai to Slovakia


Do you need international shipping services for your expats in Slovakia? Whereas moving overseas isn’t solely thrilling or exciting, in addition to this it requires proper planning and intensive analysis. It would also need a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy international relocating firm to ship your house merchandise safely to another country.

If you plan to do so, Mega Star Movers is an efficient, professionally trained, and experienced firm with a vast network and knowledge that can help you seamlessly and safely relocate your resources from one place to another.

Let us know about Slovakia


Slovakia has a favourable cost of living for ex-pats, with low taxes, free schooling, public healthcare and cheap food utilities. It is a landlocked country with diverse landscapes, including mountains, forests, lakes and caves. you can also enjoy various other activities such as hiking, skiing, camping and spa treatments.

It has a rich culture and history, with many historical castles, UNESCO world heritage sites, museums and festivals to explore. It has many unique and different languages, cuisine and traditions. Slovakia offers relatively low prices compared to other European countries.

How Mega Star Movers can help with moving to Slovakia?

Megastar movers have highly professional, proficient, and trained experts who can assist you throughout your international journey to Slovakia.

Before you start, you can learn additional concerning all of their offered services and choices to see what best meets your needs:

  • Do you have to ship your merchandise through air or ocean freight?
  • Does one need packaging or custom crating services?
  • Are you moving alone or with the whole family?
  • Moving for personal issues, education opportunities, carrier goals, or for business.
  • How massive is your shipment?

How much does a move to Slovakia cost?

Cost is a vital issue once you start thinking of an international move, begin by planning a home survey with Mega Star movers to receive an associate estimate to ship your merchandise to Slovakia.

With our trained moving specialists, your cost could be estimated, as they can visit your home and assess all your belongings and verify the cubical footage of your cargo. Then you can receive a free quote for the international services you need.

Thus, the price of your overseas move to Slovakia can vary supported by the cubical footage of your cargo.

Custom regulations of Slovakia


  1. Residence visa
  2. Passport
  3. Inventory
  4. Exemption certificate
  • Diplomat certificates must be issued by the embassy in Slovakia.
  1. Evidence that the applicant will stay in Slovakia for more than one year, e.g. lease agreement, lease agreement and residence permit.

Custom Regulations

  1. Customers must be in the country for customs clearance to sign customs declaration in the presence of a customs officer.
  2. Used household goods and personal effects may be imported duty-free, provided the goods are:
  • For the personal use of the owner and his family, not for sale, if the customer has lived in Slovakia for less than one year in the two years before delivery.
  • Import within 12 months of arrival.
  • Import is at least 12 months away
  • Import is free of charge, depending on whether the customer has lived outside Slovakia for more than one year.

Dutiable and restricted items

  1. a) New items (invoice required)
  2. b) Foodstuff
  3. c) Electric and electronic items
  4. d) Perfume
  5. e) Carpets
  6. f) Sports equipment
  7. g) Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products
  8. h) Plants (import license and phytosanitary Certificate required)

Prohibited items

  • Firearms and ammunition (one rifle and one air rifle with at least one year of police clearance and import clearance)
  • Narcotics
  • Pornographic materials
  • Wireless telephones (walkie-talkies) etc.

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