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Moving to Albania


There are many things to consider before traveling to South Eastern Europe if you're going from Dubai to Albania. Although the majority of freight, relocation, and removal businesses claimed to be expert logistics firms, they are not. International shipment from Dubai-UAE to Albania can only be handled by a reputable moving company. By offering first-rate transit for all household goods and more, Mega Star Movers can make your move to Albania as smooth as possible.

How can we assist with migrating to Albania?

A qualified moving consultant from our company may first provide a private consultation during which they will fully outline your moving options and support them with a number of criteria, such as:

  • Your shifting timetable! How long should one spend in Albania?
  • Designs for your property. Can you transact or purchase?
  • Your household's/family's size. Can you relocate either by yourself or with your family? For professional or private reasons?
  • Estimate in cubic feet. How large is your shipment, exactly?


You should set up a house inspection as soon as possible before your move to Albania to ensure that the moving company provides an accurate estimate of the quantity of your goods. In order to provide you with the most accurate quotation possible and hasten your transfer, our moving professionals can evaluate your possessions. Based on the 3D video of your things and your anticipated arrival date, the cost of relocating to Albania might vary dramatically.

Don't forget to mention our international packaging and bespoke crate services as well!

About Albania

The population of Albania is slowly nearing three million people and is growing gradually. It is a rather small country in terms of land area, after all. The mountains that cover over 70% of the country are a factor in Albania's sparse population. While interior temperatures mostly depend on height and altitude rather than latitude, the country's lowlands have sensitive winters and summers. A significant amount of precipitation falls on Albania as a result of the flow from the Mediterranean.

The economy of the nation contributes significantly to its worth. Albania was ranked number four on the big apple Times' list of top travel destinations for 2014, in fact. The new locations are frequently the stunning Adriatic Sea beaches and Hellene coasts, also due to the Albanian Alps mountain range.

Cargo flights to Albania

Dubai's exports of air cargo from Dubai to Albania are increasing. The expansion of the e-commerce sector, which is fostering international trade, is to blame for the rise in demand. The surge in demand for air freight services has resulted in an expansion of capacity and the opening of new routes. Transporting products into and out of Albania has been simpler and faster as a result. Air cargo services connecting Dubai to Albania are easily accessible with Mega Star Movers

. Every step of the air cargo procedure for destinations throughout the world is known to our qualified cargo specialists. You may count on high-calibre services that adhere to all industry professional requirements. Please get in touch with us if you'd like a quotation for air freight services.

Shipping by sea to Albania

Using sea shipping from Dubai to Albania is a quick and economical option to deliver goods to the Balkan nation. The ability to deliver products straight to Albanian ports is only one of the numerous advantages of employing this form of transportation. Furthermore, compared to other modes of cargo transportation like air freight, sea freight is a more dependable option.

Furthermore, firms may reduce their freight expenses by employing sea transportation. One of the greatest shipping options Mega Star Movers recommends to businesses is sea shipping. Being one of the top firms, we assist people and businesses in moving by providing sea freight services from Dubai to Albania. Please feel free to reach out to us for a marine shipping service quotation.

Required Documents under Albanian Customs Regulations

Visas are not required, however, a current passport is required for US citizens to enter Albania. You are permitted to remain in the nation for a maximum of one year with a current U.S. passport without requesting a residency permit.

The Albanian Authority (The Regional Directorate of Border and Migration Police in Albania) is where anyone wishing to apply for a residency permit should go. The website of the Albanian Embassy contains further details. Additionally, you might require the following papers:

  • A detailed inventory list in the Albanian Language with shipper-signed date and value
  • Air Waybill or a true copy Lading Bill
  • Reservation confirmation for lodging
  • A work permit
  • Depending on how long you stay, a return ticket

Guidelines for Shipping

The customs regulations in Albania are subject to modification at any moment and without previous warning. Your package must arrive at customs with the shipper present; if not, the shipment won't be cleared. If one is a minimum of eighteen years old, you may import the following items:

  • 250g of tobacco is equal to 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars.
  • Spirits exceeding 22% ABV in 1 liter
  • 2 liters of distilled spirits
  • 50g of fragrance

Product Restriction or Duties

Albania imposes import restrictions similar to those imposed by other nations. The following limitations are listed:

The local money

  • For the importation of firearms, ammo, and explosives, a police permission is necessary
  • A health certificate is required for prescription drugs.
  • Invoices or receipts are needed for recent purchases (less than six months old).

Restricted Items

With the correct paperwork, it is legal to import explosives, ammunition, and guns, but it is not allowed otherwise. Other products that won't be permitted entry into the nation include the following:

  • Illicit drugs
  • Radiated substances
  • Animal byproducts
  • Knives and other lethal implements
  • Vegetation and plant products
  • Counterfeit goods and currency
  • Pornographic content
  • Obscene materials

Regulations for Motor Vehicles

The following papers must be submitted in order to import a car into Albania:

  • A valid driving permit
  • Authentic vehicle documentation

The car you intend to import must also adhere to the requirements of the European Technical Standard.

Regulation of Animals and Pets

Albanian national authorities must specifically approve the import of pets. Connect with your destination agent if you'd want further details. If Albanian authorities approve your request to enter the country with a pet, you will require the following paperwork:

Veterinary health certificate from an authorized practitioner in the country of origin Rabies vaccination certificate.


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