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Moving From Dubai to Bahrain


Mega Star movers are a leading company moving company in Dubai. Mega Star movers provide international shipping to Bahrain and different destinations all around the world. Moving from one location to another within the same country is chaotic. It requires organized planning and functioning. Moving from one place to another place within the same country is less hectic, compared to relocating to other countries. The planning and cost of moving internationally are much higher than moving within the country. Hence, to make your moving less nightmarish and safe you must always choose a reliable, reputable, and experienced company. Which has professional and experienced workers and teams. Therefore, Mega Star Movers is a reliable and reputable company.


Bahrain is a sovereign state situated in the Persian Gulf. The island nation comprises a small archipelago centered around Bahrain island, situated in the midst of the Qatar peninsula and the north-eastern coast of Saudi Arabia, to which it is connected by 25-kilometer long King Fahd Causeway.

Role of Mega Star Movers

Relocating from one country to another is such an exciting and joyful event in life. It’s either for educational purposes, business, or looking for other better opportunities. When it comes to Bahrain it’s a thrilling event. Every one of us wants to explore and travel to new places, explore new things, taste exotic dishes, and cherish the beauty of relics and monuments. It also gives us new opportunities for better carrier opportunities and better experiences in life. Bahrain has brighter days with full of energy and nights as colorful or rainbow. It has mesmerizing views and beautiful culture. Relocating to Bahrain with all your belongings could get easy, you just need to decide how you are going to do it, but with a good moving company, everything gets easy. The two main options for the allocation of your resources are air freight and sea freight.

Freight services

Air freight- is the best and easy choice for those people who are moving in a rush. A cargo plane can get your things to Bahrain from anywhere in the world in just two to three days. However, air freight is better to avoid as it takes full premium of its speedy service. Unless you are moving abroad at the very last minute.

Sea freight- on the other hand, sea freight is significantly less as compared to the air freight service. This makes it affordable for people who are relocating on a budget. But a container ship usually takes much more time and its service is slow. So, you have to plan in advance accordingly.

Our international shipping services to Bahrain

Mega Star movers are an international shipping services provider company offering multi-services to meet its client’s requirements. Customers around the world rely on their services and expertise to manage their day-to-day international shipping needs.

International shipping checklist

Before shipping internationally your items are kindly checked below checklist. Mega Star Movers international shipping checklist will help you keep a check on all your items sent worldwide.

Custom regulations of the country

Not having enough appropriate knowledge of customs and duties within the country’s law can cause a delay in your shipments and cost you unexpected money to pay. You should enlighten yourself with all the knowledge of what taxes must be paid and what things must be completed and comprehensive.


To prepare the documentation for the export declaration at Dubai customs, an exporter’s passport along with the UAE Visa page and their copies as well as the destination’s address is mandatory.

Delivery Timing

The transit time varies from place to place. The team of Mega Star movers will give you all the details and tracking knowledge accordingly.


On the confirmed date of relocating the items, the team will be at your place to take care of all the items that have to be packed.

Shipping procedure

They will schedule the nearest date of your items onto the container for shipment and for further sailing.

Clearing and delivery

The ETA will be declared, and the destination agents from their team will organize a pre-clearance and prepare for the import of the shipped items.


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