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Moving from Dubai to Yemen


A stress-free relocation to Yemen or international relocation is the right choice for you. We are pioneers in shipping your household goods safely and securely by air or sea, providing you with the best international mobility and delivery. When moving to Yemen, trained staff and experts will take care of all your moving needs and assist you with moving advice.

Our experts will advise you on the best international transport options based on your criteria such as:

  • Sea or air transport to Yemen is available - do you have a choice?
  • Are you moving with your family or alone?
  • Do you sell in Dubai?

Moving Costs to Yemen

The cost of moving from Dubai, UAE to Yemen depends on your arrival time and the size of your goods. Schedule a meeting to discuss - including an in-home inspection of your home and property to get the most accurate cubic image estimate, and moving services to assist you with your move to Yemen soon.

Introduction to Yemen

Yemen means "South" and is located in the near east holding the southern and southern aspects of the peninsula. Yemen has more than 200 islands, it has more than 200 islands, the largest is the island of Socotra.

Surrounded by the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the sea, Yemen is the 49th largest country in the world. Coastal Plain, Western Highlands, Mountains, and Rub Khali are the four main regions the Yemeni state is divided into.

Welcome to Mega Star Movers

There will be plenty to do when you move in. If you hire Mega Star Movers, you must help them ease their goals by being a good customer. Go to work; you will find that good service and transparency will make a good move. As they travel the world, they take care of everything to solve the inevitable move.

If you need Mega Star Mover services from Dubai to Yemen or other destinations, you will find many options.


✓ An expert who understands what your products mean to you and that you need to write them correctly.

✓ So then you will plan; A representative will see the visit and give you an accurate estimate.

✓ Additionally you will get a list of the best products if you miss something during transit.


Mega Star Movers are experts in packaging, so they do a really great job of making your gear easy to transport. They also provide the necessary information to complete it. At the same time, they take care of your time and create it according to your preferences.

Handling and Unloading

Packers and carriers will be successful in providing services such as loading and unloading. They have the tools to make it happen. His shipping and handling skills will amaze you. So put your worries aside and resign, you will get the best service

Cargo Type

  1. We can import and export products worldwide;A network of reliable and timely staff to work and assist with any shipment by air, land, sea, or rail.
  2. Whether you are carrying documents, boxes, parcels, pallets, vehicles, heavy machinery, large parcels, containers, or part of the load, there are general requirements for renting all or part of it;Mega Star Movers can assist with all your international shipping needs.

International Shipping Checklist

Mega Star Movers' International Shipping Checklist will help you ship anywhere in the world. Check Customs Legislation Lack of knowledge of customs legislation can delay or cancel your shipment and cost you money. It is important to know what taxes must be paid and to ensure that tax information is filled in. File Exporter's passport, photocopy of UAE visa page, and address are required to prepare an export declaration at Dubai Customs.

Shipping Time

Shipping Time varies by location. The team will inform you accordingly.

Pre-Relocation Survey

  • This survey is free and non-binding. This will help you plan your budget or rethink what to ship and where to keep.
  • Our team will provide international transport based on volume and your address after completing the survey. At the Delivery time, Youwill see that they will tell you when the product will be delivered.

Prohibited Products

  • Tuna
  • Drug Wares
  • Cuban Cigars
  • Flavored Cigarettes Including Clove Shipping

Instructions: Call the destination agent and make sure all requirements are met.


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