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International Movers Company In Dubai, UAE

Moving across national borders is a significant and joyous event. For whatever reason—exploration, trade, the search for greater opportunities, or something else entirely. It's like having a wish come true for a lifetime. Amazing opportunities are in store for you, along with substantial compensation for your performance, ingenuity, and advancement.

Mega Star Movers the tailored international movers’ company in Dubai takes care of your cargo around the world to make life fun and comfortable. They take care of all the worries that stand in the way of your perfect business deal or global travel.

Why choose Mega Star Movers?

Mega Star Movers offers quality international moving services. It provides you with these advantages in all air and sea systems, as well as excellent transport solutions to obtain the highest level of recommendation to meet the needs and requirements of its customers.

  • Equipped with professional and technical skills.
  • Skilled in packaging.
  • reliable collection.
  • Packaging materials
  • excess packing material is used.
  • Styrofoam particles are used to protect items from direct action.
  • A material covered with wax paper used to cushion collectable figurines and scraps.
  • Other proper pads can be used to prevent nails and contact devices.

Packaging method

Every item is packed by the skilled team of Dubai international moving company, Mega Star. The correct coating can be made according to the nature of each object, and the product can be ready to be shipped in bulk containers. It can be difficult to properly separate delicate and valuable items.

Shipping Type

They offer two types of international moving services in Dubai:

  • International movement by sea
  • International shipping by air

Shipping by air

They offer air freight for earlier and faster delivery. Shipping is calculated by weight. The minimum accepted weight is 30 Kg including delivery. Import or export, full or partial charter, or total sea and air freight. Simply tell us the starting point and destination of your vacation - our experts will find the perfect and most suitable course for you.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is the cheapest and cheapest way to transport your goods. We provide door-to-door, door-to-port and port-to-port services with less than LCL boxes and full boxes to Vatican port. Sea mode transit time is 30-35 days (depending on customs clearance).

Lesser volume

For small shipments, we can send one combined box (group) like LCL with multiple loads to reduce the cost from Dubai port to the final destination.

20', 40' and 40' overhang fully loaded
When exporters have products in field shipments, we recommend ordering FCL (full container load) to fill shipments. In FCL shipments, all goods in a defined area are more efficiently handled by one shipper.


The exporter's passport and a copy of the UAE Visa website and destination address are required to prepare the Export Declaration at Dubai Customs.

Transit time

Transit time varies from region to region and our crew will act accordingly.

Survey before International moving

Pre-distributed surveys can be completed free of charge. In fact, it can help you plan your budget or reconsider what items to move and what to keep. After the survey is completed, our team international moving UAE will provide you with a global shipping quote based on your volume and region.

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